Talking to Coach Jong Uichico about the Coaches Commission

SBP: What is your takeaway from the year’s worth of Coaches Commission Clinics?

Coach Jong: I was surprised that there were a lot of people who want
to become coaches but they do not have the experience to become a
proper coach in terms of knowledge of the game, the right and wrong
way to play, what they teach and see, and the actual games. They see
the games on television or YouTube but these are advanced forms and
you need to go through the basics to learn all that.

SBP: What has been the response to these clinics?

Coach Jong: I thought that we got good feedback and the participants
were happy because we brought coaching to them and they didn’t have to
come here to Manila for clinics that in itself is an expensive
endeavor. So the SBP came up with this program to bring basic coaching
to the grassroots level.

We learned that the coaches in the provinces want more. And we haven’t
even gone to all the regions. We hope we can do this at least once a
year in each region.

SBP: You were under the legendary Ron Jacobs. What teaching of his
still applies to this day to what you are doing?

Coach Jong: You know there are more new offensive schemes today than
there were before. That is a given because things change over time.
But what sticks with me to this day is his advice about taking care of
the details and to work hard. That is what Coach Ron always reminded
me. For example… you know watching video can be tiresome and one time,
Coach Ron noticed I was a bit lax because that is human nature. You
get tired and at times become distracted. He would remind me about
focusing. He would say we tell our players to focus and the same
applies to the coaches. That fires you back into attention.

SBP: So what is next for 2019?

Coach Jong: We hope to do more clinics. We need to plan it out and
while we’re at it, we continue to entice our regional directors to
disseminate more information to our coaches as well as to create and
to attend clinics. Right now, it is all basic basketball because there
is a lot in the details that gets lost with all the highlight reels
you see online today. There is more to a highlight reel. There is a
lot of work that is put in. And we hope to take the clinics to the
next level.