Talking to Coach Jong Uichico about the Coaches Clinic.

SBP: Essentially, what is this Coaches Clinic that the SBP is embarking on?

Coach Jong Uichico: This is one of the grassroots programs of the SBP. And this time,
we are starting with Level 1, the lower ranks of coaches – the PE teachers, those who
coach inter-barangay, small school coaches. It really is basic basketball. Before you can
teach them advanced concepts, you have to know and understand, even master the
fundamentals. You really cannot take short cuts in the process because you end up
teaching the wrong things. So it’s basic offense and defense.

SBP: We hear there is also more to the Xs and Os…

Coach Jong: Yes, we’ve added some life coaching as well which is handled by Coach
Mark Solano. Coaching is more than skills and strategies. There is also the component
where you learn to handle players as people. We believe if you manage them well they
will play better. You can get more out of them by simply yelling at them.

SBP: What has been the response to the Coaches Clinic thus far?

Coach Jong: It has been good. We’ve gotten very good participation and even
responses. It makes all this work even more worthwhile.

SBP: Coach, you’ve handled college teams, pro basketball teams, and national teams.
We aren’t saying this is bad – this Coaches Clinic – but why do this?

Coach Jong: You know the game has been very good to me and my family. At this
stage, it is about giving back. And if you can help the young coaches… like I said, this
makes it all worthwhile. It is all about giving back.

SBP: How long is this Coaches Clinic? And is this all over the country?

Coach Jong: Initially, we were thinking we will be done next year but it looks like we will
be able to cover every region this year. So yes, it is all over the country. We look
forward to it.