Talking to Australia’s Matthew Dellavedova before the Philippines-Australia match

SBP: Coming into Manila off a shock loss, what is the mindset of Australia?

Dellavedova: It is disappointing but we’re moving forward. It’s going
to be a tough game in front of a passionate crowd so we have to be
ready to play.

SBP: Does that loss place pressure on your team?
Some might call it pressure but as a player representing your country,
we’re excited to play and it’s a passion.

I mean, they (Japan) played well and we didn’t play well. So we’re
looking to improve. We had a good practice and we’ll be ready to go.

SBP: You played so well in the first two windows. What do you think
are the adjustments you need to make against the Philippines?

Dellavedova: Just a number of things. We need to clean up our
attention to the little things such as boxing out. Because that’s the
game of basketball – transition, boxing out, and usually things fall
your way.

SBP: Aside from yourself and Thon Maker, do you think more of
Australia’s NBA players will suit up in the near future?

Dellavedova: It is not going to happen this year but next year in the
World Cup for sure it will.

SBP: Any last thoughts about the game tomorrow?

Dellavedova: The Philippines have a number of great players and we
need to get ready.