Guiao believes Blatche can help turn the tide for Gilas

Having 6’10” Andray Blatche back in a national team jersey is good for
team morale.

Thus bared Gilas head coach Yeng Guiao.

Who better than the tall, burly, and agile Blatche who after missing
the last several games is back and part of the team preparing for the
daunting task of sweeping Qatar and Kazakhstan on the road to bolster
the Philippines’ chances of advancing to the 2019 Fiba World Cup.

“Last time, we didn’t have enough preparation,” added Guiao. “You
always like to have more time, but right now, we have a little more.
So we will take what we can.”

“Plus, I think Andray is in good shape so that will help. And having
him on the line-up… I don’t think there is anyone on Qatar and
Kazakhstan’s line-up that can handle him one-on-one. So he is a huge
weapon to have in our quest to win these two crucial games.”