Coaching the Coaches

Things are looking up for the Cebu basketball coaches community. Around 170 coaches at the SBP Coaches Accreditation and Workshop that started Friday, July 28, and ended today at the PAREF Springdale Gym. Gathered here are coaches are coming from public schools, private schools, the more “advanced” CESAFI schools, private companies, barangay teams and basketball clubs.

The lead facilitator and brains behind the workshop is multi-titled coach Jong Uichico who now heads the SBP Coaches’ Commission and who is now embarking on his advocacy of training coaches especially in the grassroots level. He is assisted by Mark Solano (SBP 3X3 Program Director) and Cebuano Ryan Betia (Gilas Pilipinas and FEU).

The main objective of this nationwide program is simple: train the coaches so they can in turn teach and coach effectively. They become better coaches. Funny but what started out as a simple chat and coaches get together a few years ago has now bloomed into a full program.

Coach Jong stressed the need to go to the different regions to train coaches. “Coaches in the provinces don’t have the resources to travel to Manila to attend clinics. Only those with money can do that. But how many are they?” he asked. And so the SBP Coaches’ Commission program for training was born.

Coach Jong has a simple yet effective way of training coaches. He told the coaches in attendance, “I will address the players and not you coaches. If the players do it correctly, then I as coach am doing it correctly. If the players don’t do it correctly, then I as coach, am teaching it the wrong way,” he stressed. This is the reality that coaches have to face. They have to teach the sport the right way and no other way. The sad reality is that there are too many coaches who call themselves coaches but who aren’t equipped to coach. With this program, it is our wish that we can slowly but surely develop coaches to teach basketball correctly.