Coaches Commission rolls out for 2019

Following the vastly successful SBP Coaches Commission last 2018 where veteran
coach Jong Uichico together with Ryan Betia and Mark Solano went around the country
teaching basic and fundamental basketball coaching to grassroots coaches, version 1.2
is getting ready to roll out this January.
“Last year was all about teaching the simple and most basic tactics of the game,” said
Uichico. “The accessibility to the internet where people can learn techniques and
strategies is both good and bad because most of that is already advanced. But before
you can fully grasp all that, one must master the basics.”
The SBP Coaches will give additional Level 1 clinics in Region 5 and 10, as well as
NCR North, which they missed out on last year – before diving into the next level of
“This year, Level 1.2 will focus on defensive and offensive team systems and
techniques such as the press, zone defense, and others,” bared Uichico. “And then we
will show how to break it down for the five-on-five game.”
“I believe that this is Coach Jong’s way of giving back to the game,” noted SBP
Executive Director Sonny Barrios. “He is among the top tier champion coaches who has
coached in top college programs, top PBA ballclubs, and the national team. Coach Jong
has a wealth of knowledge that was accumulated through his entire career. Add to this
his latest learnings from the FIBA Coaches Workshop in Singapore in 2017.”
“God truly works in mysterious ways because he will get to share his knowledge and
expertise all over the country now that he is free from current national team duty.”
The schedule for the first few months of 2019 is as follows:
January 26-27 (Region 5 Level 1)
February 16-17 (Region 10 Level 1)
February 23-24 (NCR North Level 1)
March 9-10 (Region 4A Level 1.2)
April 13-14 (Region 5 Level 1.2)
April 27-28 (Region 11 Level 1.2)